How To Start Trading The Forex Market? (Section 8)

How To Start Trading The Forex Market? (Section 8)

HOW TO predict the Future?
by studying the Past (Technical Analysis):
1) The best traders don’t discount one or the other but understand that having an understanding of how the fundamentals influence market sentiment gives him/her an edge over those traders who don’t.
2) In my opinion, TECHNICAL analysis is the easiest and most accurate way of trading the FOREX market.
3) “The numbers don’t lie” – all available information and its impact on the market, are already…


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HOW TO predict the Future?
by studying the Past (Technical Analysis):
1) The best trader doesn’t limit either yet comprehend that having a seeing how the impact of the basic showcase slant gives him/her an edge over those brokers who don’t.
2) As I would see it, a TECHNICAL investigation is a simplest and most exact method for exchanging the FOREX showcase.
3) “The numbers don’t lie” – all accessible data and its effect available, areas of now reflected in a cash’s cost.
4) Costs move in patterns – the remote trade advertise is for the most part made out of patterns and in this way a spot where specialized examination can be exceptionally powerful.
5) History repeats itself – after some time, certain diagram designs become steady, unsurprising and truly dependable. The inquiry is SEEING them.




The traders who don’t accept this clearly have no compelling reason to execute an exchanging procedure on a specialized investigation. Yet, look into has indicated that the individuals who exchange “with the pattern”, incredibly improve their progressions of making a gainful exchange.
Finding the common pattern will assist you with getting mindful of the general market bearing and offer you better visibility, especially when shorter-term developments will in a general mess the image.
HOW does specialized examination help to figure out what the pattern is and HOW to exchange with at that point pattern versus against it? Even though you learn you how to use and read various technical indicators to identify a long- term trend, spot predictable chart patterns and use certain rules to enter and exit a high-probability trade, and even though all this involves sound logic, parameters, methods, formulas, data, and research, these technical indicators, by themselves, are not the Holy Grail of FOREX trading.
It takes discipline and passionate control to stay with exchanging finishing the inescapable market high points and low points. Remember, great specialized dealers expect high points and low points.
Which technical indicators are the BEST?



NONE – specialized markers ought to just be parts of your general altered, customized exchanging framework, and not an independent framework.
The goals as a FOREX Technical Trader seem to be:
1) To figure out the price action of the currency pair. Price is the main concern. If the EUR/USD is at 1.2224 and goes to 1.2020, 1.1980, 1.1940- the market is in a downtrend.
Despite what every technical indicator might predict, if the trend is down, stay with the trend. Indicators showing where the price will go next or what it should be doing are useless.
A trader should only be concerned with what the market is doing, not what the market might do. The price tells you what the market is doing.
2) Always remember that technical indicators are only giving you confirmation based on what the market is telling you. So listen to the market and let it tell you which method, strategy or techniques you should use.

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