How to access VPS on Android Devices

How to access VPS on Android Devices

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine. It lets users install any software on their devices. A lot of people are having a hard time accessing their VPS. There is a perfect solution to allow access through your Android device.


A VPS gives rights and access to users for more software installation. It allows users to have more control over their devices. Users will not have a hard time accessing their VPS. These easy steps provide convenience to users if they want to use their Android devices.


Here are the steps on how to access your VPS on your Android device:


1. Install a Remote Desktop Application


Open Google Play Store on your Android device. Install a remote desktop application. The application is Microsoft Remote Desktop App.


2. Open the application after downloading it.


The application downloaded in your Android device will bring you to the startup page. Click the + sign at the top rightmost part of the screen.


3. Clicking on the desktop option


Clicking the + button will give you two options to choose from.


4. Press “Add Manually”


Click “Add Manually” to add desktop server details.


5. Fill in the desktop details.


The application will bring you to the page wherein you must write your desktop details. Write the valid IP address of your VPS on the PC Name section.


Add your user account name after sending in your desktop IP address. There are two options which are Enter every time or Add a user account. The application recommends users to click the Add user account. Click the save button after filling in the details.


6. Add username and password.


Give the username and password of your VPS and click the save button. This gives you a connection to the home page.


7. Connect the VPS


The application will bring you to the home page. You can connect to your server when you are on the homepage. Select the VPS application and wait for the VPS to connect you to your server.


These are the steps on how you can connect to your VPS through an Android device. If you chose the Enter every time option, the application would ask for your details once again. The app will connect you to your server after you provide your credentials.


8. See your VPS connection!


You can now see your VPS connection after doing the necessary steps.


These are the simple steps that will help you connect VPS using your Android device. Be careful about putting your credentials. Putting in wrong credentials may cause time delays.

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