How to Access VPS on iPhone

How to Access VPS on iPhone

A Virtual Private Server gives permission to users for an accessible software application. VPS allows users to install the required software on their devices. It also provides high security for your device.


iPhone users are looking for steps on how to connect to VPS using their iPhone device. These easy steps will let iPhone users connect to their VPS without having a hard time.


Here are the steps on how to access your VPS on your iPhone device:


1. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application on your iPhone.


Go to your iPhone’s app store and search for Microsoft Remote Desktop. Download the application for convenient access to your VPS.


2. Click the application after downloading it.


The Microsoft Remote Desktop application will show you to the first page once you click it. This iPhone application will provide you convenient ways to connect to a VPS.


3. Click the + sign


Press the + sign on the top right of your iPhone device.


4. Press the desktop option


Select the Add PC or Server option after you click the + sign. This appears after going to the startup page of the application for VPS.


5. Provide your desktop details


Provide your desktop details after clicking the Add PC or Server option on your iPhone. The Microsoft Remote Desktop application will take you to the PC details page. Fill in your PC’s valid IP address. The IP address of your Address comes with the welcome email the application will send.


Add your user account name after sending in your desktop IP address and click save.


6. Provide a username and password.


Fill in the username and password of your VPS and click the save button. This will connect you to the page for VPS.


7. Connect the VPS


The application will take you to its home page. The home page shows up after the app finishes gathering the necessary details of your device. You can now select and connect your server. Choose the VPS application and wait for a connection from your device to the VPS.


The application may ask for your password through your iPhone while it is connecting. The app will connect to the server once it obtains the vital credentials.


8. Access to VPS connection!


You now have access to VPS. Do these simple steps to connect to your VPS using your iPhone device.


These are easy steps that will guide you to a convenient connection to VPS using your iPhone. You have to be mindful of the details you fill in to avoid complications and system errors.



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