How to access your Forex account using MetaTrader 4 on your mobile phone

How to access your Forex account using MetaTrader 4 on your mobile phone

Many Forex traders nowadays are looking for a more convenient way to trade. Computers and laptops are the primary instruments for trade. But, forex traders will now experience convenience because of apps on their phones.


Accessing your Forex account using your phone will give you freedom and space to trade in any place. Trading becomes more accessible as well for traders who want to purchase any time.


One of the most used applications for Forex trading is MetaTrader 4. The form works well with both IOS and Android phones. The app allows traders to choose from a wide variety of brokers. It also lets users know more about Forex. Forex traders can study their trading progress by controlling and analyzing their accounts.


This article will show you steps on how you can access your Forex account using MetaTrader 4 on your phone.


Accessing MetaTrader 4 on your mobile phone


1. Go to your mobile phone’s application store.


You can download MetaTrader 4 on both IOS and Android devices. Search for the application and download it.


2. Open the application


Open the MetaTrader 4 app once it downloads. The home page will show you real-time charts and quotes in the Forex trading industry. It will also show you an option to trade and will record your trading history. You can analyze the market using these options.


3. Add desired currency


Go to the Quotes option and click the + sign. Choose a currency to add in your Forex trading options. The currency availability may depend on your broker sometimes. But, almost all currencies will still appear on your account.


4. Choose a currency to trade.


Choose the currency you like to observe. MetaTrader 4 shows a trade, chart, and details option will appear once you click a currency.


5. Click the Chart option.


Clicking the chart option will give you a real-time update on the currency you chose for your Forex trading. You can customize the setting of how you look at the chart when you click the Chart option.


6. Analyze your chosen currency’s progress


You can start observing and analyzing the progress of the currency pair you chose for Forex.


7. Decide if you want to trade the currency pair.


Decide whether you’ll trade the currency pair you observed using the MetaTrader app.


8. Go back to Quotes


Click the Trade option once you decide that you’ll trade the pair. You can also do some research about Forex trading before choosing a currency pair.


9. Enter the desired amount


The Trade option will bring you to the page wherein you can enter your desired amount. Choose the amount decent enough to let your Forex account grow.


10. Customize your trading status


The Metatrader 4 app allows you to customize your stop-loss schedule. You can also make a profit using the application.


These are the steps to access your Forex account using the MetaTrader 4 app on your mobile phone. This will let you earn profit and trade currency pairs wherever you are.

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