Optimizing MetaTrader 4

Optimizing MetaTrader 4

People now use MetaTrader 4 often to perform trades. They find the application more comfortable to use. MetaTrader 4 application works with both Android and IOS devices. The app gains a lot of praise from its users. But, they are looking for ways on how to make the best out of the application.


This article contains tips on how you can optimize your MetaTrader application. It will help you use the platform in the most efficient way by eliminating many resources.


This article will also give you solutions to MetaTrader 4 problems in your device. These problems include freezing and lagging. Here are the tips on how you can optimize your MetaTrader 4


Optimizing the MT4’s RAM


Many traders nowadays use many MetaTrader 4 terminals to maximize their trading session. Accessing many MetaTrader 4 terminals at once helps discover alternative strategies for trading. But, the problem arising because of many usages leads to MetaTrader4 lags. Users say they began experiencing lags and slowdowns. These occurred when they started operating many accounts at the same time. These problems arise whether you are using an older or newer computer.


Here are some tips on how you can prevent MetaTrader 4 from lagging:


1. Sort out the MetaTrader 4 features you rarely use. Offload the application to help your terminal provide more RAM.


2. Always practice closing the charts or features you do not use. This will help reduce the memory usage of MetaTrader 4. This does not only go with the tables but also with the logging functions. Consider closing the tasks that you do not need to save space.


3. Go to your market tab and cut the pairs you do not need or use.


4. Go to your server tab and disable the News feature.


5. Try to refresh and clear the cache of your MetaTrader 4. This will help prevent unnecessary memory usage.


Maximizing MetaTrader 4 Performance


You must know how to reduce chart bars is essential when trying to optimize your MetaTrader 4. Here are the steps on how you can lessen MT4 chart bars.


1. Run your MetaTrader 4 terminal or platform.


2. Enter tools and then go to options. Click charts after clicking the first two options. Look for Max Bars in the chart area.


3. Place the value to at least 50% or until MetaTrader 4 goes back to its smooth performance.


These actions will solve a lot of problems occurring in your MetaTrader 4 terminal. Everyone can follow these steps without inconvenience. This will help you have a smoother experience with the platform. This can also prevent more issues from arising while the app is in use.

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