What are the advantages of using a cheap Forex VPS hosting?

What are the advantages of using a cheap Forex VPS hosting?

Everywhere you look, you see how far technology has progressed over the past years. Even businesses that normally needs people to do specific roles are now worked on by artificial intelligence. Of course, these AI are still managed by people The same goes for Forex since they are moving away from using dedicated hosting services to VPS or Virtual Private Servers and of course, they use cheap Forex VPS whenever possible


However, what is a Forex VPS anyway? What is its significance to the Forex world? This article will tackle some of the topics that surround VPS. At the end of the article, you should have ideas on how to take advantage of this wonderful technology.


What is a Forex VPS?


To explain this further, one must know first what VPS or Virtual Private Server means. VPS is an example of web hosting. It uses a data facility or facilities to help businesses find a physical system to connect a direct ISP. VPS for Forex Trading works the same way and its servers provide a way for those in the trade business a place to host their software and it operates non-stop as in 24/7.


VPS was created as a way for traders to have the benefits of shared hosting and dedicated hosting services at the same time. These traders wanted their trading sites to be on a server that has several other sites as well. However, the selling point on VPS is that despite having other sites along with the business’s trading site, is that it only hosts a small number of websites per server. In other words, the technological role of virtualization is to categorize a VPS center.


Basically, these servers are being rented by different types of businesses so they all share the payment for using the server. They agree to make either annual or monthly payments. Another blaring difference of a VPS from a dedicated hosting service is that the cost for using a VPS is much cheaper than a dedicated one.


It is important to note that VPS is that when you place your trading site on their servers, it would not share any resources from other sites nesting on that server. Each website functions on its own since it has its own storage, operating system, data transfer limits, and RAM. Because each site operates in a partitioned part of the server, the performance of the website itself is smoother and more stable.


When using a Forex cheap VPS, you have to understand that virtualization plays a big role in successfully doing Forex trading and hosting various financial applications. Also, these financial applications and the trading platform itself needs faster connectivity and stability compared to other types of applications. Imagine this, you only need to pay for a fraction of costs needed to have your own system when accessing technologically-advanced hardware. That alone makes VPS really valuable.


Through the use of Forex cheap VPS hosting, you have the power to control highly advanced connectivity and data networks. This level of control and you don’t even need to own the whole contract. In addition, various settings like the high-availability systems are put into place to ensure the continuous working condition of the applications hosted by the VPS. It is also very easy to use; you don’t need to have all your resources at the beginning since you can use whatever resource you have on-hand and just upgrade later when you have the time and resources to do so.


Factors to consider when choosing a VPS for Forex Trading


Traders say that successful trading begins by choosing the correct server. That said, here are some factors you need to know when choosing a VPS.


1. Low Ping


Ping is a measurement of the exchange rate between two nodes in a single network. This measurement must be kept at a minimum since a low exchange rate means it would work faster. The lesser time that the exchange of information between the two nodes takes, the better. If possible, always aim for a 0 ping or Ping: 0 ms wherein ms stands for milliseconds.


In trading, having a low ping means faster delivery of your order from your terminal to the broker’s server. Speed is everything in trading since speed heightens the quality of the entry point and at least 70% of the implementation’s success relies on a low ping’s speed.


To explain further, most traders use a Forex advisor that has a unique algorithm. The algorithm’s role is to provide the right entry point so if it takes too long before that entry point could be established, the Forex advisor’s accuracy will fail.


As a reminder, always choose a cheap Forex VPS that is geographically close to the server of the broker’s entry point. Reducing travel distance would make trading more efficient.


2. Safe and dedicated resources


VPS has a specific number of server resources. Actually, traders say that you don’t need to check on the announced resources that come from the website’s host. A good Forex cheap VPS should provide all the resources needed even though you’re not on the server itself since you leave the server up and running with the needed terminals, Forex advisers, and software used in trading.


However, overselling can happen and you can distinguish it through the very low prices of the servers. To give you a bit of a background, overselling is when sales are generated from using the same resources to various users. In any case, hardware with a good amount of implementation technology is never cheap. If you do see one, it means it is not complying with the trading server’s requirements.


All in all, a good, high-quality, VPS for Forex Trading takes care of your resources even though you are not with the server. That is a basic trait that a trading server should have.


3. Uninterrupted work


If you have a trading server, this can only mean that a Forex advisor is working alongside it. It is important for the Forex advisor that the server it is working on is uninterrupted in any way, or else, its algorithms; even the most basic ones may be lost, fail or reset if the server restarts. Needless to say, the VPS for Forex Trading must be working all the time, round-the-clock. This means even though you lose access to the server because of an Internet connection issue, the server should still be up and running.


In addition, should there be a need for a restart of the server, the support group that maintains the “health and welfare” of the server would notify you about this before executing the action.


4. Preventive measures


A VPS for Forex Trading needs to have preventive countermeasures in the event of a breakdown or server issue. The most basic of all preventive measures is to restart the server at least once per week. This would give the server and its systems a much-needed break from working non-stop. Of course, never delete the system’s software that is installed on the server. Also, don’t delete any software that you have not installed as well.


Deleting files is a no-no because it might come in handy in time. It is also important to free the server’s drives from unwanted files. The fewer files it holds, the faster it can perform.


5. The machine’s accessibility through the Internet


Most trading software runs on the Windows operating system. If this OS, starts to do stupid things unannounced, you must have access to the machine’s management through your hosting site. That way, if an OS issue hampers with your business, you can either turn the server off or on and restart or rest your cheap Forex VPS.


Because of this very nifty feature, regaining access to the machine is a piece of cake. You won’t even need to call the support line since it will drastically reduce the server’s operation time. As you may well know, time is a very critical aspect of the Forex trading business.


Steps in setting up a VPS for Forex Trading


1. Register for a dynamic DNS account


A dynamic DNS allows you to have and use an IP address that you can remember without the hassle of memorizing a bunch of alphanumeric characters. Once you completed the registration, expect the activation of your dynamic DNS and it should automatically link your IP address to your hostname.


2. Setup your router


Configuring your router is the next step. Doing so will allow you to remotely access the cheap Forex VPS from a tablet or laptop. You might need an IT person for this if you are not that tech-savvy. You then need to ascertain your default gateway IP address used by your work or home network. After that, you can now access your router’s settings and you can find port-forwarding tools in the Security section.


3. Start your remote desktop connection


This step is mainly for Windows users which numerous Forex cheap VPS use to run their systems. Doing this step will permit a different device to access the server. To accomplish this, open Control Panel, click on Systems and Services or Maintenance, click on System, click on Remote Setting, and finally, choose the option, “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer. This option is located under the “Remote Desktop” section.


4. Install the needed programs or apps on your remote device


Dynamic DNS services usually have an app or program that needs to be installed in your computer and remote device where you will access your VPS for Forex Trading. However, this depends on the dynamic DNS that you chose. All you need to do is log in using your username and password on your main machine and that’s it. You’re in!


As an alternate option, you can use third-party programs such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk or LogMeIn but take note that these programs may ask for payments for continued service after their free trial period has expired or if you would like to add other features.


Benefits of using a cheap Forex VPS


1. The security that the VPS provides


Since this is all about trading, an ample amount of security must be in place. All applications used in the trading platform needs security. It doesn’t matter if it is an electronic trading platform that is run individually or financial software that handles advanced backend systems. It’s also encouraged to offload your software to a system that can be remotely accessed.


2. The accessibility of the VPS


Any trading software becomes affordable and reliable if a VPS for Forex Trading is used. It has specific tools and protocols that allow you to connect your remote device to your Forex VPS wherever you may be. Another good thing about this is that you don’t need to do any extra steps or configurations to have this connection.




With all the information provided in this article, it is safe to say that a Forex cheap VPS hosting would help you manage your Forex trading business easy as pie. Armed with this information, you can now get the best VPS for your trading business. Good luck and happy earning!

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